Our mission is to enable a sustainable energy future

Our project successes are built on a foundation of rigorous screening and site selection, collaborative engagement with landowners and communities, and disciplined execution through development, construction and operations.

Our Approach to Project Development

Clean energy is set to become America’s primary power source and annual installations of wind, solar, and battery storage will more than triple by the end of the decade. We strive to ensure our projects contribute to the advancement of the industry while benefitting the communities in which we develop.

Our approach is to work with communities over time to develop projects. Successful project development and execution requires substantial and widespread participation from a diverse group of stakeholders. We work with communities over the long term – establishing and maintaining close relationships with landowners, public officials, customers and suppliers.

We deeply value stakeholder input and involvement. If you are a landowner, community leader or vendor, and are interested in working with ConnectGen, please contact us.

Our Company

ConnectGen is wholly-owned by Repsol, a global multi-energy company that leads the energy transition and has set itself the goal of being zero net emissions by 2050.

Industry Participation

We collaborate with a diverse group of advocacy and industry organizations to advance the clean energy economy.
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Texas Solar Power Association

Our Ways of Working

We believe it is essential to be an active part of the communities where our people and projects are located.
One way we show our commitment to communities is through supporting local nonprofit organizations. Each project we develop includes funding allocated to support local organizations, and we work with local community members to identify areas of need.
We have supported dozens of organizations across the United States, ranging from public libraries to volunteer fire departments to public schools. ConnectGen is also proud to give back to the Houston community where we are headquartered. Each year we volunteer at the Houston Food Bank, America’s largest food bank in distribution leading hunger relief in 18 southeast Texas counties.

Our Sustainability Approach

At ConnectGen, we take our commitment to bettering America’s energy future seriously. Environmental responsibility is demonstrated in the following ways:

Promote use of public transportation by locating the office in the heart of Houston’s public transportation network and providing all team members with Houston public transit (METRO) cards
Encourage the use of reusable water bottles, coffee cups and silverware and work diligently to limit the use of disposable kitchen items
Encourage employees to walk or bike to the office when possible by providing in-house locker room, showers and a bike storage area
Work with office suppliers that offer a toner recycling program and have a strong commitment to sustainability
Provide access to recycling for aluminum, paper, plastic, batteries and electronics
Use recycled paper for printed materials as much as possible

ConnectGen used green building principles when designing its office space, which is LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition, the ConnectGen office space is located in a building which itself is LEED Gold certified.

ConnectGen is now a Part of Repsol

In March 2024, Repsol, a global multi-energy company, acquired ConnectGen from Quantum Capital Group. The ConnectGen team, including senior management is now a part of Repsol.

Repsol’s acquisition of ConnectGen strengthens Repsol’s expansion into the renewable energy industry, reinforcing its international portfolio in support of its strategic target of 20,000 MW of installed capacity by 2030.