ConnectGen develops, builds and operates utility-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects across the United States.

As our existing power generation infrastructure ages, it is vital to tap into our country’s endless renewable resources and advance wind, solar and energy storage projects that provide long-term, cost effective, clean energy solutions.

Connecting Power, Projects & People.

Our Approach

Successful project development and execution requires substantial and widespread participation from a diverse group of entities and stakeholders.  ConnectGen strives to establish and maintain close relationships with landowners, communities, public officials, customers and suppliers and deeply values stakeholder input and involvement.  Our goal is to develop, build and operate projects that:

Provide valuable energy and related services to our utility and corporate customers

Benefit landowners through market-leading compensation​

Bolster local communities through economic development and increased tax revenue​

Preserve our environment by following industry best practices

Use our knowledge of the electric grid, permitting, markets and financing to create best-in-class projects

Create new local construction and operations jobs and support manufacturing jobs in the United States

Our Projects

ConnectGen currently has 278 megawatts (MW) of solar projects in operation and over 20,000 MW of wind, solar and energy storage projects in development across the United States.

Our Team

Founded in 2018, ConnectGen is based in Houston, Texas and currently has 50 team members dedicated to our mission of building clean electricity generation and storage infrastructure to enable a sustainable energy future.

Join Our Team

ConnectGen seeks talented individuals who have a keen interest in fostering the growth of renewable energy and providing American communities with greater access to clean power.


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